The Lime House Canada

John Robert D. General, RN, MSN

Getting into the Lime House is one truly enriching and marvelous journey you could ever have. The trip as well as the destination is worth the walk, the uphill struggle and the run.

The Limehouse area is particularly interesting due to a series of deep rock fissures and crevices, some of which are accessible from the trail by way of ladders at the location known as the "Hole in the Wall." Once down the ladder, it's fun to squeeze through the very narrow corridor between two large rock faces and enter a small rock house. In addition you would particularly like the remains of the 19th century lime kilns that can be found in the area, making it a site of the regional cultural heritage.

To start, The Limehouse is basically a community in the Town of Halton Hills in southern Ontario, Canada. Despite the peculiar geographical area and few residents, it is proud of its natural artwork that paves the way to be considered as one of the well-visited places in Ontario.

Particularly beautiful and well-loved is the Bruce Trail. This is the main attraction for the small community of Limehouse. The Bruce Trail is a hiking trail in Ontario that runs from Queenston on the Niagara River, to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula in Lake Huron. The over 800 km long trail follows the course of the Niagara Escarpment, often along its edge. Many parts of the trail go unused, although the Limehouse entrance sees a lot of tourism.

The Bruce Trail, Canada's oldest and longest footpath, allows you to also pass through the remains of lime kilns which was an early industry in Halton County. The lime produced from these kilns was used mainly as a binder in mortars for construction purposes in the past.

The Bruce trail contains the very reason Limehouse is a place on the map today: the kilns. Best accessed through the Limehouse Conservation Area, the lime kilns can be found throughout the Limehouse section of the Bruce Trail. There are also caves and seemingly never-ending crevices along the Bruce Trail. There are bridges and ladders leading throughout some parts of the trail, and there are designated biking sections of it as well.

Taking a trip into the Limehouse area does not take you more than an hour. Further, the hiking, especially for the newbies could only be 4 kilometers. The u may be but the journey may be fun and exciting. The history as well as the artistic presentation of the kilns and other spots can be one good reason of this next stop in your vacation plans.